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These are some advanced copy and paste examples to use in skyWriter.

Building A Portal Page with Framesets or DHTML

How To Build Portal Framesets     How To Build DHTML Portals

A Portal Index Page     Eighteen Portal Template Pages     Eighteen DHTML Template Pages .

Copy the link below and paste it into the GetURL dialog for a New page in skyWriter. Save it as a new Portal page.

The banner usually contains site-wide global navigation and a logo with a link to the home page.

The left-hand navigation panel is usually for local navigation in a section of the site.

The content area includes text, images, etc. with inline links for contextual navigation.

To use this Portal, you need two source files in the same folder with this page, and a skyBuilders Nav Panel:

  • banner.html - the initial document loaded in the banner frame
  • content.html - the initial document loaded in the content frame
  • A Nav Panel - the initial document loaded in the nav frame
The first Nav Panel you make has ID=1 and the default code loads it into the nav frame. Otherwise, edit the Nav Panel ID to another number (you can find this in the skyLink for a new Nav Panel).

Change the src="nav.html" to src="/timelines/Nav.html?DoWhat=generate&SelectedOptionID=1"/ or whatever Nav Panel ID you have made.

You may also edit the Portal source code:

  • To change the banner height - in a FRAMESET edit rows="110,*" to a number other than 110; in a DHTML CSS stylesheet change height:90px; to another value (you must then adjust top:90px; position values for the nav and content iframes below).
  • To change the nav width - edit cols="140,*" or width:120px; to another value (then adjust the content left position, etc.)
For more details, see How To Build Portal Framesets or How To Build DHTML Portals.

A Glossary

A Glossary Template.

Copy the link below and paste it into the GetURL dialog for a New page in skyWriter. Save it as a new Glossary.

You can modify the appearance of the glossary by substituting another style sheet for

Style Sheets (How To Create Style Sheets)

Copy and paste these lines immediately after the <title> tag in the <head> section of your document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  h2, h3, h4 {

The first line creates a <link> to an external style sheet that can be anywhere on the web (if you provide an absolute link).

The <style> tags override the definitions for h2,h3, and h4 in the external style sheet. This is why they are called "cascading" style sheets (CSS).

Styles in the <style> tags override external styles, and if you should have "in-line" styles in the <body> (e.g., <font> tags), these would override both external styles and the embedded styles in the head.


You can include a web page anywhere inside another page by using a skyFeed. You can also include formatted data like an Events Listing.

Copy and paste this skyFeed tag into your page. (NOTE: Ensure that the script language tag, <script language="javascript" ...>, appears as one line without line returns or breaks.)

<script language="javascript" src="/timelines/skyFeed.html?FeedURL=">

Multiple Emails

An email link to multiple addresses (put commas between email addresses):

skyBuilders Info

<a href=",,"> skyBuilders Info</a>

Notice the use of the subject attribute in the form of a query string (?subject=Multiple%20Emails). This allows you to place a subject string in your mail header. The "%20" is used to denote spaces between words in the subject string.

Insert the current Date and Time

<script language="javascript">
var sDateline;
sDateline = new Date();

An Alphabar page (A to Z with all the anchors)

Use getURL or copy the source of this page.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Server-side includes and redirects

<?php include(""); ?>

<?php header("location:"); ?>

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