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skyTags are the markup tools that let you edit the Archive and Post Templates for your Blog. See also Blog Manager, Blog Templates, and Blog Settings for information on editing your templates and CSS style sheets.

Tags control the placement of the key content elements in your blog (post title, calendar, etc.). The CSS for the blog controls the appearance of the content elements.

There are two kinds of skyTags, variable tags and container tags.

Variable tags are replaced by the current value for the variable. For example, the tag <skyBlogPostDate /> is replaced by the date of the post entry. Note that variable tags are XML "empty" tags, requiring no matching close tag.

Container tags surround a block of content. For example, the tag <skyBlogDateHeader> contains the variable tag <skyBlogPostDate />

   <skyBlogPostDate />

The Archive and Post Templates position (and with CSS, they style) the various content elements.

Some skyTags automatically iterate through all the instances you request in the Blog Settings. For example, the tag <skyBlogPosts> will display the number of posts in your Blog Settings. Default is the last seven post entries.

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