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The Login page gives you up to three entry options -

It also lets you choose a language for the site. Once you have logged in, you are taken to the Welcome page, where you should start by reading more of these Help pages.

Help with Member registration..

Help with Guest registration.

Help Applying to Join. To become a Member, you must first Apply to Join and enter a Starting Password that has been given to you by the site Administrator. If you do not know the Starting Password, click the Administrator link to send an email requesting one. You will be given Normal privileges. You can sign up for some Events, make Reservations of sample resources, etc.

Help Choosing a Language. If you choose a language other than the default, all the text in the site will be in your chosen language, and when you next login, your choice will be remembered.

Help with Forgotten Password. If you are a Member who has forgotten a password, you may enter your email address and click on the "send the password" link. This email address must be in the database already, of course.

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