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When you log in, you are asked for a User Name or Email address. If you enter your email address, it must be complete and exactly as it appears in the database.

If you enter your User Name, you do not need to enter the whole name. A unique part of first or last name will match.

In either case, you must also enter your password. If you have forgotten your password, it can be emailed to you.

Once you are inside, your User Name will appear under the skyBuilders logo (and above the Calendar). This indicates that you are actually inside timeLines, the skyBuilders web application environment.

Remember to press the Help link on each new page you try.

As a normal User you may see Events schedules, Resources availability, Tasks, etc. You may make Reservations, sign up for Events, etc. Administrators can increase your privileges (separately for each web application module). Remember to press Help as you browse the site.

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