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This page lets you set your "handle" - which name (if you entered more than one name in Edit Personal Info) you want to appear in timeLines - under the logo when you log in, in your resource reservations, etc. You may also choose which Email will be used to reach you.

You may set the Language (actually a combination of a language and a country, called a "locale") you want to use. All the text in timeLines will change to that language, and even all these Help pages will be translated some day.

The timeLine Unit setting controls the initial size of time intervals displayed, from five seconds up to one century. Number of Time Intervals sets how many time units are shown in the timeLines window, anywhere from six to twenty-four units. You may always change these selections from the timeLines and Listings windows in any Module.

This page allows you to change your password. When you click the Change Password link you will be asked to enter your new password twice.

Notification turns on automatic email messages when pages, events, etc. that you are associated with are changed.

Membership Number is an optional field for your organization to enter their own numbering system.

The Reset to Defaults link will restore the values your site administrator has chosen for all these settings.

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