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Reservations is your resource reservation module.

Use the timeLines window to find available times for the item or place to be reserved. To change dates from today, select the desired date from the calendar to the left. The timeLines window will change to your new date.

Use the timeLines icon at the upper left of the timeLines window to move around within the day, or click on the column headings to move to that time.

Click on the name of an item or place to make a reservation for that item or place. Depending on the administrative settings of your site, this reservation may be tentative. If so, your reservation will appear with an asterisk next to your name. Once it has been confirmed by an administrator, the asterisk will disappear.

If your reservation request time is taken by someone else, you will be asked to enter a different time.

Once the reservation has been entered, you may click on the reservation itself and the Edit a Reservation window opens. You may now associate other members with, cancel, change, or update your reservation in any way.

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