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On this page you add Answers.

Your Answers may have Captions, like Questions. For example, if this is question 2, you might caption your answers a, b, c, etc.

Your Answers have "Weight." This is used in scoring or grading the Form (important for quizzes). If this is the one and only correct answer, enter 100. If you want to give partial credit for choosing this answer, enter the amount. 50 would give half credit. If the Question weight were 10 points (out of 100), this answer would get 5 points.

Once you add an Answer, the Add option remains at the top of the page so you can Add another Answer. The new Answerdrops to the bottom of the page (in order of creation).

Initially, each new Question has one Answer, which you can edit by clicking on Answers. As more answers are added to a multiple choice question, the number of answers is shown.

If you Edit an Answer on this page, you must click the Save link for that Answer in order to save your work. You can not edit several Answers and then hit just one Save link to save them all.

Note that the Caption is expected to be a short label that identifies the Answer in a sequence.

Put any text you would like to be "pre-filled" in the Answer text area into the Body text box provided. This could be further instructions, the first words always needed in the answer, etc.

The Response Message will be added to the Response when this Answer is selected. It might recommend further review of some instructions, etc.

You can Preview the look of your Form at any time by clicking the Preview link at the top.

skyLink creates the HTML code you need to put in your web page to link to this skyForm.

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